søndag 8. desember 2013

It is soon holiday

It is christmas...well not yet. It have finally started to snow here in Norway, which I think is both positive and negative. I like snow, but only around Christmas, after Christmas, I would absolutely not mind if it melted away. I can't stand to get wet shoes and I always get that everyday when it is snow outside. Not that I don't wear proper shoes, but whatever I do, I always become wet.

 So in a desperate try to get away that awful feeling about wet feets, I have collected some pictures to get myself in some holiday mood. Not that I manage to do so, but still.


Okay, so this is not a holiday song, absolutely not a holiday song. But I have become addicted to this song. I normally don't like Lady Gagas songs, but there is something in this song that I really like. Maybe it is the chorus...I don't know.

Sorry for any typos or other grammar mistakes. English is not my first language.  

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